Spring Forest Mile 2017

2017 Spring Mile – Adults (1)           2017 Spring Mile – Juniors         

Christmas Tree Race – 2016


Yorkley Great Oaks Gallop 2016

6 mile runners   6 mile Cani   3 mile runners   3 mile Cani   Juniors

Autumn Forest Mile – 2016

Seniors           Juniors

Blaisdon 10K 2016

Blaisdon 10K Results

Spring Forest Mile – 2016


Christmas Tree Race – 2015

Seniors   Cani-X  Fun Run

Yorkley Great Oaks Gallop 2015

Seniors  Cani-X  Juniors

Autumn Forest Mile 2015

Seniors    Juniors

Mallard’s Pike 5 Mile Race 2015

Seniors     Juniors    Canis     Mini-canis

Spring Forest Mile 2015

Seniors          Juniors

Christmas Tree Race 2014 

Runners          Canis

Autumn Forest Mile 2014

Seniors  Juniors

Mallard’s Pike 5 Mile Race 2014

Seniors    Canis   Juniors

Hare & Tortoise 2014

Race 1:   Results by Run Time         Results by Finish Position

Forest Mile 2014



Christmas Tree Race 2013

Main Race

Canis Race

Great Oaks Gallop 2013

Senior Results
Yorkley Dash Winner: Peter Woodward
Carol Jones Cup Winner: Shirley Albrow

Cani Results

Junior Results

Mallard’s Pike 5 Mile Race 2013

Senior Results

Cani Results

Forest Mile 2013

Senior Results

Junior Results

Mixed Pairs Relay 2013

Main race & Canicross Results

Junior Results

Christmas Tree Race 2012

Main Race Results

Canicross Results

Great Oaks Gallop 2012

Results here

Mallard’s Pike 5 Mile Race 2012

Seniors: Results here

Canix & Juniors: Results here

Hare & Tortoise

Race 1 (1st May) results
Race 2 (3rd July) results here
Race 3 (4th September) results here

Race 1 (20th May) results here
Race 2 (10th September) results  here

Mixed Pairs 2012

Results here

2011 Christmas Tree results

The results of this years Christmas tree events can be found below, well done to everyone who took part

xmas tree 2011 results – runners

Xmas tree 2011 results – Canicross

Results from Mallards Pike Race 2011

Mallards Pike 5 Results

Canicross Results

U13.U15 Results

U11 Results

U9 Results