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Join us

New members are always welcome.

Our membership runs from April to March and the fees are as follows.  Anyone joining between January & end of March will receive membership until end of March 2023.

Membership Fees

Training only Membership –                         Full Year       

Under 18 & full-time students                                     £10                         

Seniors                                                                             £15                         

Competitive Membership –  (NB Includes EA affiliation fee)       

Under 11   (no EA fee)     £10                           

Over 11 (school year 6) under 18                               £26
& full-time students                                            

Seniors over 18 on                                                         £31                       

Family membership –

£30 plus  England Athletics fee of £16 per competing family member school year 6 and above.

Athletes who choose not to pay the England Athletics registration fee cannot represent the club in cross country, track and field, or sports hall. They will also be unable to benefit from the reduced charges to enter races offered to affiliated members.

It is a requirement of membership that all members agree to comply with the Codes of Conduct.  These should be read prior to completing the attached application form.

Applying for membership

We are moving over to a Club app and the Membership is done through that so in the short term please download, fill in and email the two forms below to Emma Bevan.

Membership form PDF

Membership form Excel

Please send  completed forms and any problems to Emma Bevan:

Further to Emma’s post above the app has done exactly what it was meant to. For those that have logged onto the app they should have a message at the top of the home page saying “Renew Club Membership” If you click that it is then straight forward with a form to fill in and payment options. You can use any method as we will get a notification after you have ticked the option. I urge you all to use the Club app as it is so straightforward. However a few things to note.

1 if you want all members to show on the app (juniors, wives, partners et al) they need a unique email address (it doesn’t have to be a working one)

2 For families we haven’t put all the options as there are quite a few permutations, parents children, competitive or not so we are trusting you to pay the correct amount. All that said if you can’t access the app message me.

The app can’t be set up for paypal so please use the in app payment (stripe) or bank transfer. We are working on a work around so you can use paypal.

If you don’t want to use the app you can download the forms above, fill in and send it to Emma)

It really is easy on the app so I urge you to use that.

Speech over hope this all makes sense to you