King and Queen of the Road & Off-Road

We’ve decided to bring back another layer of competition to encourage our members to compete in more of the Championship Races.  It doesn’t involve entering anything else that isn’t already on the Championship programme.

There will be four awards in total:

Click here for King of the Off-Road               

Click here for Queen of the Off-Road

Click here for King of the Road

Click here for Queen of the Road.

They will be awarded to the man and woman who achieves the HIGHEST age-grading % in any of the Championship Races

  • We will be using the Run Predict App to work out the percentages
  • The App doesn’t take into account surface so expect the off Road percentages to be lower but they will be relative.
  • We will use your age on 1st January 2020 to calculate the %.
  • We will use the published race distance. If there is no distance published we will use an average of at least 5 runners distances.