King and Queen of the Mountains or Road

We’ve decided to add another layer of competition to encourage our members to compete in more of the Championship Races.  It doesn’t involve entering anything else that isn’t already on the Championship programme.

There will be four awards in total: King and Queen of the Mountains and King and Queen of the Road.

They will be awarded to the man and woman in each category who achieves the HIGHEST age-grading in ONE of the following: (you do need to do one in each category to be considered for both)

MOUNTAINSTerminator, Kymin Dash, Sirhowy 10, Darrens Dash, Tintern Trot or Fan-y-Big.

KoM: Chris Penny (Kymin Dash 74.2%)
QoM: Margaret Powles (Kymin Dash 72.3%)

ROAD:  Lliswerry 8, Dymock Half, Frampton 10k, Blaisdon 10k, Breinton 10M , Swansea 10k or Elan Valley 10M.

KoR: Alan Robertson (Swansea 10K 79.5%)
QoR: Jacqui Wynds (Swansea 10K 79.2%)

So pick your races!