We endeavour to have a complete Club Championship for 2021/2022 but this remains at risk of any current and future restrictions regarding the CoVID-19 pandemic.

2021/2022 Club Championship

Summary: Run 1 mile, 5 km, 10 km, half marathon races as fast as possible. Bonus points for setting recent personal best, a new club record, or representing the club in any T&F/XC leagues

The Club Championship will be simplified to reduce risk of any individual fixtures being cancelled or rescheduled. It’s aim remains to identify the best male and female members of the club, recognising both individual performances and contribution to club performances in cross-country and athletics leagues.

  • The championship year will run from 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022.
  • Due to the race distances involved, the Championship is open only to runners aged 16 or over.
  • Club members will be ranked based on their best performances during the period in races in the following disciplines:
    • 1 mile
    • 5 km
    • 10 km
    • Half Marathon
  • Scores will be awarded for each discipline completed, with a base score of 100 points for the fastest male/female, 99 points for second fastest, 98 points for 3rd etc. etc.
  • These base scores will be amended by 2x the percentage difference between your best performance in the year, and your best official time for that distance since 1st January 2016. For example, if your 5 km PB is 20:00 – if your best time is 21:00, you will be given an adjustment of -10. Conversely, if you set a new PB of 19:00, your adjustment will be +10. Base + Adjusted scores will be floored at 0 for each discipline. Any runner with no prior “official” or representative time in a discipline will receive +4 adjustment.
  • Courses must be officially measured and events UKA-recognised (so the results appear on Power of 10). Clearly net downhill races, such as the Torfaen 10k, will not count. FoDAC’s timed 1 mile races on the Five Acres track will be accepted.
  • Failure to attain a valid result in any of the disciplines will result in a score of 0 for that discipline.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for representing the club, as either a competitor or a non-competing helper, at cross-country and track and field fixtures with the following tariffs for each league:
    • Gwent League (XC) – +4 points per fixture
    • Gloucestershire League (XC) – +2 points per fixture
    • Midland League (T&F) – +4 points per fixture
    • Avon League (T&F) – +2 points per fixture
  • For the avoidance of any doubt, county championships outside of the above leagues will not earn bonus points.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for setting a new Club age-grade record in any outdoor T&F discipline, or running distances 5 km, 5 miles, 10 km, 8 miles, 10 miles, Half Marathon, 20 miles, Marathon. The bonus will be +4 points for an age-grade record, increasing to +10 points for an overall club record.
  • Points will only be awarded to members who are affiliated to UKA – and compete for Forest of Dean AC as their primary club.
  • Age grading. We will award age category prizes to the top V40, V50, V60 and V70. Age category will be determined by your age on 01/04/2021.
  • Scoring will hopefully be done seamlessly throughout the year based on Power of 10 profiles. Members will be invited to report any omissions towards the end of the winter.
  • In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined based on a run-off at a local Parkrun during April 2022.
  • NOTE – this is the first year we have used this method for scoring – *I* reserve the right to amend the value of adjustments/bonus points once I have seen how sensitive it is to real data.

2021/2022 Mob Series

Summary: A series of races, ALL to count. Points awarded for beating fellow club members.

Club members are invited to suggest races to include in this series. As the championship is time based it will lean towards road and flat races – this series will be weighted more towards hilly and off-road!

For 2021/2022 we have separated the Club Championship away from the regular series of races that we are used to. As many enjoy the social side to competing together in a range of different races we wish to retain this, in a simplified form. There is a risk that this series may be curtailed part way through – think of it more as a bit of fun this year.

  • There will be a reduced number of races, approximately 12 per year.
  • ALL races will count for the series.
  • Scoring per race will vary depending on how many club members attend. This reduces the effect of less attended races swaying the scoring significantly.
    • The last placed male/female club member will receive 10 points,
    • The second-last placed male/female club member will receive 11 points.
    • The third-last placed club male/female club member will receive 12 points.
    • Etc.
  • Failure to register a result, or not running as “Forest of Dean AC” will result in a score of 0 for that race.
  • Prizes may be limited as possible public health restrictions may curtail the series, or prevent all members from being able to compete in all races. There will be a token prize for everyone who competes in all races.
  • In the event of a tie, countback of positions will be used. If still a tie, members will be invited to a run-off at a local Parkrun during April (or you both get an Easter egg if I’m feeling nice).
  • Eligibility criteria is the same as for the Club Championship.
  • Provisional fixtures are carried over from the 2019 Club Championship where entries were taken before the first lockdown:
    • Apr/May/June – Hereford 5k series (your best time from the 3 races will be used)
    • Sun 18th Jul – Caplor Hill Race
    • Sat 18th Sep – Rhayader Round The Lakes 30KM

If you have any queries relating to the Club Championship or Mob Series please contact Richard Cronin (via Facebook)