Fell Race Series 2017

2017 Fell Race Dates

2017 Final Series table: Forest Fell Series 2017

Well done to Joint 2017 Ladies winners Stefanie Francis and Gemma Hewitt and Male winner Dan Sandford.  

  1. Craig Yr Allt – Sat January 21st 2pm. 6km / 300m. Course partially marked – no navigation needed.  http://www.mynydd-du.org.uk/craig-yr-allt-winter-race-2017-01-21
  2. Tor Y Foel – Saturday March 18th 7.3km / 370m 2pm Talybont Reservoir Dam; registration at Dan y Wenallt YHA (GR SO 107206). Course partially marked – no navigation needed.
  3. Sugar Loaf – Sat 8th April 11am. 7miles / 1725ft. Abergavenny Leisure Centre.  . Course partially marked – no navigation needed. http://www.mynydd-du.org.uk/sugar-loaf-race
  1. Steam Bunny Stomp Fell Race 2pm Sat 6th May 6.9 miles / 1466ft Start Location: The Lamb Inn, Mountain Road, Penyrheol, Pontypool. (GR282990) NP4 5XS. Course partially marked – but some navigation needed.. http://pontypoolrunners.co.uk/Steam%20Bunny%20Stomp/Route.html
  2. Darrens Dash, on Saturday 17th June 2017 2pm, Longtown, (HR2 0LE), Herefordshire. 6 miles / 1312ft.  http://www.wyevalleyrunners.co.uk/darrens-dash/
  3. Fan y Big Horseshoe Race 11am –  Sat 8th July. Course partially marked – but some navigation needed..       http://www.mynydd-du.org.uk/fan-y-big-horseshoe
  4. Llanthony Show – Sat 5th August. Aprox 3.5Miles . Course partially marked – no navigation needed. https://sites.google.com/site/welshfellrace/home/overview/llanthony-show
  5. Fan Brycheiniog  –  Sat Sept 2nd. 11:00am. (8.75miles 2750ft) !) Few markers – navigation + recce recommended. https://sites.google.com/site/welshfellrace/home/overview/fan-brycheiniog
  6. Night Sugar (Sugar Loaf at Night) Thursday Nov 16th 2017. 7:30pm (5.5miles/1150ft) 8.8km/350m.  £2.00. New night race. Course is marked with reflective markers, as the rogue runs night races, so no navigation is need – just a torch! Venue: Llanwenarth (National Trust) Car Park, just outside Abergavenny: SO268167. Night race link


T’& C’s!

5 out of 9 races to count. No age graded. 1st FODAC finisher in specified race to receive 100 points, 2nd 99 and so on.  Men and women finishers will be awarded points separately.

The Champion is the person who has accumulated the most points and will receive some sort of prize..

Kit guidelines (thanks to Joc Dodd):  Joc’s kit guidelines.

Myth busting (Thanks to Chepstow Harriers website!)

Ordinary leisure runners (whoever they might be) competing in 10k’s, half marathons and the occasional marathon on roads and trails, often assume that fell racers are slightly mad and hard as nails. Well, some are, but like all running genres, the races contain runners with a wide range of speed, age, experience and skills.

  • Anyone can do fell races – running in the hills can be a truly amazing experience and some might say almost spiritual.
  • You do not need to be a brilliant navigator as some races are well marked or follow easy paths or ridges.
  • You do not need to run up the hills – there is often a fair bit of walking to be done. 

However, unlike competing in a road or trail 10k you will need some specific skills and equipment.


The equipment is easy – waterproof top and bottoms, hat, gloves, bum bag (or very small rucksack), compass and whistle. The clothing requirement varies, depending on weather conditions. There are times when the race organiser requires you to carry full waterproofs… and at other times you need not take any additional clothing. Always turn up at the race with your full gear and ask when you get there what is required on the day. Maps are always supplied by the race organiser but you may prefer to take your own.


The skills part is often the bit that holds runners back from trying a fell race.

Those that have done a bit of a hill walking will probably already know how use a map and compass. They’ll also understand how to be comfortable in all types of mountain weather. That’s a good start, and all that they’ll need to do is get out there running on the hills, getting used to navigating in bad weather and practicing running over all manner of terrain.

Those that have little hill walking experience and who think of themselves as a ‘numpty’ navigator …. don’t panic! Just get some experience by going out on a hill run with some other members. And, mountain navigation is much easier than finding your way around the road network with a road atlas. You just need to persuade someone to go out with you and show you the ropes. Indeed the best way to get fell running skills is to go out on a recce of an easy fell race beforehand with someone who knows what they’re doing. Or you could offer to help out on one of the many fell races organised by members of the club.


Also see the WFRA website for more info.