Basic Rules

There will be a separate Championship for men & women.

The Championship is based on a series of races between December 6th 2014 & November 21st 2015, and will cover a range of distances, terrain and surface. Races will be classified as ROAD or TRAIL. There are 43 possible races throughout the year.  If someone is keen to win the championship and tries to do so by entering every event, then good luck to them.  The likelihood is that everyone will miss some races so:
The best 11 races will count towards the Championship together with any bonuses.
Of the best 11:

  • No more than 7 can be classed as ROAD
  • No more than 7 can be classed as TRAIL
  • No more than 7 can be less than 10 miles

Entry to races is the participant’s responsibility, must be in the participant’s own name and the runner should wear the club vest.

1st FODAC finisher in specified race to receive 50 points, 2nd 49 and so on.  If more than 50 finishers, then points awarded will be increased so that everyone receives at least one point.  Men and women finishers will be awarded points separately.

The Champion is the person who has accumulated the most points.

How it will work:

Only first-claim members over 18 will be included in the Championship.  Anyone who competes in ANY of the nominated Championship races will be included in that year’s Championship.  There will be no need to declare an interest.

To assist the verification process competitors must specify ‘Forest of Dean AC’ as their club on the race application forms.

Points will be awarded according to finishing place and Championship standing will be updated regularly on the Club’s website.  Please inform Jules if you believe there to be any errors.

Age Graded Championship

In addition there will be a parallel championship with points awarded based on age grading in each race. The age grading % used will be from

Only one championship trophy per member.

For more details on races & current standings see “Calendar & Results Tables”