Club Champs 2018 Final

2018 club champs races.

Month Date Details
Jan Staverton 10 Flat road race
Feb Night Race Chepstow
March 10/3/18 Fission 20:20 the 20km race
Apr 15/4/18 Chedworth roman villa off road 10 miles 
May 13/5/18 Race for Wildlife 10K
June 3/6/18 Fairford 10k
July 12/7/18 R2T2 10k Berry Hill (Cancelled. Replaced by Tintern Trot)

Aug 26/8/18 Severn bridge half 
Sept 2/9/19 Wentwood Weasel 
Oct 28th Trellech beacon dash
Nov 4/11/18 Tewkesbury 5 miles 
Dec 9th Wotton  Glos league Xc
Bonus races Any in 2018 Best marathon time: Please email with your time: FODACMarathons2018@gmail.com 
Skirrid 1st December. Fell Race

To participate competitors must be First Claim competitive members of FODAC and have an EA number.
You will need to do three road and three off-road races plus two others from any category.
Your best 8 scores will count.
Points in the ‘Open Championship’ are awarded according to your finishing position in relation to other FODAC club runners (eg. 1st=100 points, 2nd=99 3rd 98 etc). A first past the post system will be used.
Points in the ‘Age Graded Championship are calculated using the WMA tables and ranked according to your percentage score. Highest score =100, 2nd highest =99 and so on.
There are separate Age Graded Championships and Open Championships for men and women, making a total of four categories.
Members must enter races as Forest of Dean AC and wear club vest and colours in order to earn club championship points. The championship coordinator will penalise anyone who continually ignores this rule and may result in no points being awarded. This is to allow members to know who they are racing. Also, only races completed while a paid up member will be eligible (races run before joining or when membership subs were unpaid, will not count).
If you enter as anything other than Forest Of Dean AC the club championship co-ordinator reserves the right not to include you in the results or to retrospectively update/ change published results. It is the runners responsibility to enter correctly or inform the club championships co-ordinator of any issues.
In the event of a points tie Head to head scores between those runners will be used (minimum 3 races) if still a tie or they haven’t raced each other 3 times most miles run wins.
In the event of race cancellations or difficulties encountered with entering races the club championship organiser reserves the right to alter the race schedule at his discretion.
Any eventualities not covered by these rules, need to be raised with the Club Championship co-ordinator at the earliest opportunity, and any decision he makes is final, if the issue involved has any bearing on his score the decision will be passed onto the committee.