Tuesday Training

TRAINING PLAN for Tuesday 20th April

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TRAINING PLAN for Tuesday 6th April

*** Tuesday Training***

I’ve put 3 (sub 30 min, sub 25 min & sub 20 min) 6 week 5k Training Plans here. We will use the Tuesday/Wednesday speed work on the plans the for the next 6 weeks. It would be good if you could use the rest of the plan as well especially if you have races coming up.

Tuesday 15th December Training Plan

Tuesday Track Training (based on 5k plan)

Group 1: 2 Laps @ 10k pace, 8 x 1 lap @ 5k pace, 8 laps of jog the bends, stride the straights.

Group 2: 2 Laps @ 10k pace, 7 x 1 lap @ 5k pace, 7 laps of jog the bends, stride the straights.

Group 3: 1 lap @ 10k pace, 6 x 1 lap @ 5k pace, 6 laps of jog the bends, stride the straights.

All: 1/2 Lap recoveries between 1 lap intervals.

Tuesday training recommencing at The Five Acres Track.We are going to do the Tuesday Speed Endurance work from the 5k plan that has been posted during lockdown, There will be additions as it is at quite an easy stage. So:

Group 1.4 laps @ 10k pace, 1 lap recovery, 6 x 1 lap @ 5k pace, 1/2 lap recovery, 6 laps of jog the bends stride the straights, 1 lap recovery. 4 laps @ 10k pace

Group 2.3 laps @ beginning and end

Group 3.2 laps @ beginning and end

Not mandatory but it would be appreciated if you could wear masks to and from the track and when signing in. remove when you start running.

Please also continue to run in the same direction, anti clockwise, at all times.

Maintain Social distance at all times.

LOCKDOWN 5K TRAINING PLAN. (speed endurance)

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Don’t forget to do a good warm before the Tuesday speed endurance and a cool down after.

This is Week 1 of a 12 week 5k plan. the suggested rep times are to achieve a <18 min, <22 min and >26 min 5k. For any other times you can extrapolate/approximate the rep time.If and when we return to Tuesday training I’ll incorporate the Tuesday reps of the plan into the session. Oh and the parkrun on Saturday is a 5k to check progress. There is no need to push the pace on the longer runs, use them as recovery runs. Recoveries should be long enough to enable you to run each rep consistently. Not flat out on the first and then struggle thereafter.

Questions Welcomed. I’ll post week 2 next weekend.

October to December Training Schedule

400m Schedule with 3 group details

800m Schedule with 3 group details

12/11/2019, Amended Training Schedule for October & November

For logistical reasons we have decided not to do Hill Reps on Tuesdays. However there will be an opportunity for doing Hill Reps every other Thursday with the Junior Endurance group. Watch this space and Facebook for further details.