This year there will be a new scoring system for the XC where an athletes points are not based on their finishing position but on how many athletes they beat (as the Gwent League do). In addition there will be a bonus of 2 pts per XC race to reward those loyal runners who turn out throughout the season.
NEW: For those who represent the club on the track at the Avon League there will also be a bonus of 2 pts per meet +1 pt/scoring track event.
The MARATHON will be a 25 point bonus race as in previous years.
The survey is now closed. 47 votes were cast with 33 for BONUS against 14 for LONG
This means there will only be 3 Long races needed out of the 10 counters. 3 trail races & 3 road races also required (any relevant long race will count towards this tally)
31 nominated races for the new championship + any marathon

10 months in here’s the current standings as far as I’ve got with the updates:
championship-2016 Excel tables with progress so far.
Yellow shading in a cell means that race has not been counted towards the total as the athlete has done more than the minimum races required.

August: Any certified Road HM 1st August til 31st October
October: XC: 15th Glos League & 16th Gwent 🙂
November: more XC & the season finale Elan Valley 10M