Committee Members

The Club now has two committees.  As a charity, the overall operation falls to the Trustee Committee.  The following are members:

Chair: Andrew Kaye


Vice Chair: Richard Pegler

Stef 2


Secretary: Stef Francis



WL Treasurer


Treasurer: Wendy Lawrence



Head Coach:   

There is also a General Committee, consisting of the above plus the following:



Race Co-ordinator: Dan Sandford

CM  Publicity: Chris Moore



Club Championship Coordinator:
Julian Boon





Social Secretary:  Bev James
Membership secretary: Cherry Fowler
Website:  Jason Ross-Collins



Committee without portfolios:
Andrew Brooks
Ian James

Welfare Officer: Kate Dennant:

Coaching Coordinator: Andrew Compton

WL Apperley


Tuesday night coach (seniors)   Walter Leach email:


Club Captains

Mens teams captain: Julian Boon
Ladies team captain: Sherryl Hall

Track & Field Captains
Men: Chris Penny & Roy King
Women: Debbie White