Newport Marathon

Excellent running from our team of avid marathon runners at Newport and a write up below from our resident reporter Patrick Rennison.
I’ll start with Cory who, having only recently turned 18 (the minimum age for a marathon) was running the distance for the first time.  His run was very impressive, finishing not only 1st out of 15 in the under 20 catagory but also under the three hour mark with 2:59:09 a remarkable achievment for a first attempt at the distance.  I have managed to find a photo of Cory which I have attached below.
In contrast to Cory, Syd Wheeler who is now 80, was the oldest competitor on the course.  This was Syd’s 210th marathon to date which he completed it in a time of 6:29:46.  He finished 1st in class but, perhaps not unsurprisingly, he was also the only one in the class.  Syd is an interesting character who has run for Wales in the 70+ and 75+ catagories before now.  I have found a photo of him which, I have to admit, I rather like as it shows him with his thermal vest under his running top.  I think you will be able to work out which is Cory and which is Syd in the photos below.
The first three male FODAC runners were: Cory Sherwin 2:59:09; Matt Bond 3:11:47 and Scott Berry 3:26:24.  The first three female runners were: Cherry Fowler 3:28:37; Gemma Hewitt 3:51:38 and Melinda Ruck 3:58:26.  The other times were: Rob Freeman 3:30:11; Brian Francis 3:44:11; Daren Smith 3:58:26; Marcus Bennetto 4:07:19; Jane Creed 4:07:43; Mark Chann er 4:11:08; Anna Freeman 4:26:19; Kate Berry 4:26:23; Kate Burke 4:30:32 and Mike Berry 4:46:06.
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