Virgin London Marathon

Virgin London Marathon

It was a very tough race this year with temperatures hitting 24 degrees meaning that most people were significantly slower than they might have hoped.  However, a couple of the club runners still managed fast times, namely John Russell and Ian Smith with John managing to squeeze in just under three hours and  Ian finishing 20th out of 1213 in the M55 class putting him in the top two percent overall.  Catherine Roberts was the first of the FODAC ladies achieving a GFA (good for age) time which should give her automatic entry next year.

The results are as follows:

John Russell            M45             2:59:50

Ian Smith                       M55             3:08:10

Julian Boon             M45             3:25:13

Dan Sandford            M40             3:27:03

Daren Smith             M50             3:28:53

Catherine Roberts       F45             3:43:06

Richard Ray             SM              3:47:44

Andrew Kaye             M55             3:53:17

Patrick Rennison        M55             3:58:13

Mathew Squire   M45             4:15:21

Helen Lipscomb  SF              4:30:31

Chris Moore             M60             4:30:31

Angela Bowkett  F50             4:52:57

Vicky Logan-Giles       F40             5:00:29

Tracy Lord              F45             5:00:44

Vanessa Peglar  F45             5:18:53

Andrew Knott            SM              5:19:18

Tanya Grigg             F50             5:22:04

Clare Richards  F45             5:30:14

Meg Creed               SF              6:04:50

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