Whitebrook Wind-Up 10k and Half Marathon

Whitebrook Wind-Up 10k and Half Marathon


Some great results today as detailed below.  Before that though, I should quickly put the results in perspective by telling you that the 10k race alone includes 275m of climbing in addition to descending down steep slippery rock strewn forest paths in addition to other hazards.  If that isn’t enough for you, the half marathon does it all over again with an extra  1.2k loop through a muddy wood just for fun (although it does also make up the half marathon distance too).  Hence, the results below are seriously impressive.


The Irrepressible Leyton Fleet took 2nd place of 34 runners in the men’s SV40 class with 44:11 closely followed by our sub 3hr marathon runner  John Russell taking 4th in 47:45 while  Robert Freeman showed a return to form, closing the gap on our elite runners taking 7th SV40 place in 49:40.

On the subject of elite runners, the boys didn’t have it all their own way. Debbie Stenner finished in an equally impressive 2nd place of 26 runners in the women’s SV40 class with 54:33

In addition Spike Powles took 14th place (still well in the top half) with 53:23 while Andy Thorpe finished 11th of 22 in the men’s SV50 with 1:01:33.  Chloe Powles finished in 1:09:55 placing her half way up her age group which, for someone who only entered her first race recently is a great achievement in a hard race while last but certainly not least, close behind Chloe was a lady who produces great achievements on a regular basis, not least parkrun every week (with Ness of course) our very own Sharla Fleet


Half Marathon

The results above were very good and certainly something to be proud of but one FODAC runner did even better.  A man who only took up running to improve his fitness for caving, our very own Dan Sandford took 1st place overall in the 2017 Whitebrook Wind-Up Half Marathon with an incredible time of 1:33:08 a time which by my calculations equates to a very fast 10k finish of 44:22 except that he did it all again and a bit more just as fast.  Amazing.

Not to be forgotten, Mark Mathews, hero of many a parkrun also had a very good race taking 6th place overall and 4th male SV40 a result which itself is one most runners could only dream of while FODAC newcomers Marie and Adam David Thomas opted for a baptism of fire (well blood sweat and tears at least) by also entering and completing this exceptionally hard half.  It is nice to see that Adam is still running after you Marie.

Congratulations to all on a fantastic set of results.  A race for next years championship?


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