Seven Sins Run and The Immortal

Seven Sins Run


The Seven Sins Run is an annual event held near Wenchford.  Climbing 1100ft, up 7 hills, over 7 miles, the event is becoming increasingly popular, and is now held over two days between Christmas & New Year.  Conditions this year were cold and dry.  The race includes wading twice through a stream and water levels were much lower this year: barely ankle deep.  169 runners completed the first race on Tuesday 27th, with Paul Drew first to finish in 53.38.  First lady was Danielle Phillips in 65.50.  There were a number from Forest of Dean AC. First of these to finish was Wayne Bevan in 61.51, followed by Mark Channer 69.03 and Brian Francis 70.57.  Other FODAC times:  Andy Morgan 72.15; Peter Hewitt 74.34; Stef Francis 81.09; Jo Edwards 82.04; Gemma Hewitt 82.40; Chris Hawkins 82.41; Anna Bevan 87.58 and Vicky Sims 94.44.

7 Sins Run

On the second day, there is an additional race called The Immortal.  This covers the route twice, with the first lap in the reverse direction and 66 runners took part.  The winner was Steve Kenyon in 1.48.14, and first lady was Rebecca Comins in 2.26.51.  Helen Lipscomb & Chris Moore represented FODAC with Chris 31st and Helen 32nd and 3rd lady, both in 2.31.40.  In the Seven Sins race there was a field of 127, and the winner was Jared Linden in 48.48, and Niki Morgan of Chepstow Harriers was first lady in 60.49.  Any male runner who completes the race in under an hour receives a special tee shirt, and 4 from FODAC achieved this.  Hubert Ashley-Towell was first to finish in 55.54, with Leyton Fleet next in 56.49, then Alex Lindfield 57.15 and Jack Fleet 57.34.  Other FODAC times: John Russell 61.13; Richard Powles 61.28; Mark Blake 62.31; John Linden 64.35; Robert Freeman 65.01; Michael Marks 68.12; Catherine Roberts 69.39; Daren Smith 69.47; David Jenkins 73.37; Jacqui Wynds 80.53; Kate Burke 83.09; Salli-Ann Millard-Byard 84.08; Karen Barnett 92.15 and Debbie White 103.08.

FODAC’s final run of 2016 was a social event, doubling up as birthday celebrations for club members Michelle Peacey and Ian James.  Called “The Pub Crawl”, the route started in Parkend at the Fountain, headed up to Yorkley and the Bailey, across to The Rising Sun at Moseley Green and back to the Woodman in Parkend.  The runners had to earn their drinks by climbing 600ft and covering 6 miles of off-road trails, showing that even runners let their hair down occcasionally.

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