Howling Bull Race & Elan Valley

The Howling Bull race, in aid of Walford Pre-school Playgroup, is in its second year and saw a big increase in the numbers of competitiors.  The 6-mile route starts and ends in Walford and includes Howle Hill and Bulls Hill, with an option of either the “Suicide Route” or the “Bulls Route” towards the end.  The majority of the 24 canicross and 246 runners chose the former, although there is little difference in time between the two. The run was well supported by the local clubs, especially Forest of Dean AC, Forest of Dean Canicross, Chepstow Harriers and Spirit of Monmouth RC.  The runners were rewarded with a unique medal and cake.
The race was won by James Smith of Black Pear Joggers in 41.24.  First lady was Alice Taylor of Spirit of Monmouth in 49.38.  Category winners were MV50 Mike Pfeiffer of Brecon AC; MV40 Andrew Stephens Monross Trailblazers; FV40 Niki Morgan of Chepstow Harriers; MV60 Steve Owen Chepstow Harriers; FV50 Sherryl Hall of Forest of Dean AC and FV60 Joyce Dodd of Chepstow Harriers.
First FODAC finisher was Marcus Bennetto, 5th in 44.31, followed by Ian Smith 46.21 and Leyton Fleet 46.52.  First lady was Debbie Stenner 57.22, followed by Sherryl Hall 57.32 and Helen Lipscomb 58.24.  Other times of Forest of Dean AC runners were: Jack Fleet 47.51; Chris Penny 49.26; Wayne Bevan 49.44; Richard Powles 49.58; Mark Blake 50.11; Ian Morgan 50.51; Andy Thorpe 50.51; Rob Freeman 51.57; Tim Watkins 52.37; Michael Marks 54.48; Brian Francis 57.20; Chris Moore 58.24; Nev Turner 60.19; Dan Cobley 61.53; Peter Hewitt 62.50; David Jenkins 62.56; Donna Sheen 63.02; Jo Edwards 63.59; Cherry Fowler 63.59; Stef Francis 65.34; Anna Bevan 66.24; Val Hamilton 68.05; Chris Hawkins 69.02; Tony Pownall 69.36; Salli-Anne Millward-Byard 71.30; Suzanne Peters 71.45; Michelle Peacy 72.56; Vanessa Pegler 72.58; Karen Barnett 73.22; Victoria Sims 73.22; Ian James 75.54; Jo Babij 76.22; Caroline Rickards 78.53; Bev James 83.25.

The final race of the 2016 Forest of Dean AC Championships was held at Elan Valley in mid-Wales.  Although not as long nor as hilly as its cousin, the Rhayader 20, it is still one of the most scenic races around and a sizable number of runners from FODAC joined the 230 who took part. The winner was Oliver Williams of Les Croupiers RC, in 57.00.  First lady was Anna Bartlett of Shrewsbury A in 69.18. Julian Boon was first FODAC to finish: 20th in 68.08.  Wayne Bevan was next in 71.47 and Andrew Kaye in 77.53.  Helen Brown was first lady in 79.11, then Martha Hamilton 82.05 and Jacqui Wynds 86.09.  Other results: Alan Robertson 82.50; Peter Short 85.33; Peter Hewitt 85.52; Roger Morgan 87.24; Jo Edwards 88.30; Genna Hewitt 90.09; Stef Francis 90.20; Peter Covington-Jones 91.37; Donna Sheen 95.27; Claire Morgan 95.52; Kate Burke 97.12 and Val Hamilton 97.30.

The race confirmed Dan Sandford and Sherryl Hall as Club Champions for 2016.


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