Rogue Run Night Race 1 & Newent Nine

The first of this winter’s Rogue Run Night Races was held at Mallard’s Pike over 5 miles of hills, mud, roots and a pond.  There were warnings of the treat the boar posed but the sight of 283 runners crashing through the woods with head torches must have proved too much for them: none were seen.  The winner was Paul Murrin of Chepstow Harriers in 35.42.

It was a good night for Forest of Dean AC. Victoria Baker was first lady in 41.59. Dan Sandford was first man, 5th overall in 37.55.  The ladies team of Tori, Sherryl Hall 48.12 and Helen Lipscomb 51.25, and the men’s of Dan, Richard Powles 42.22, Matt Bond 42.55 and Wayne Bevan 42.58 were both 2nd.  Sherryl was also 1st FV50.

Other FODAC times:  Walter Leach 44.38; Michael Marks 46.49; Andy Thorpe 46.54; Mark Channer 47.22; Cory Sherwin 48.05; Jim Storrar 49.12; Chris Moore 51.25; Graham James 52.16; Philip James 53.25; Mel Ruck 55.53; Daren Smith 55.54; Peter Hewitt 57.22; Donna Sheen 57.23; Anna Bevan 58.04; Steve Richards 58.29; Jo Edwards 59.02; Stef Francis 59.03; Chris Hawkins 59.03; Catherine Roberts 61.54; Cherry Fowler 61.55; Tracy Lord 66.51; Annie Kirk 66.51; Karen Haile 66.52; Jacqui Wynds 69.34; Victoria Sims 70.29; Chloe Powles 70.38; Sarah Rawlings 70.50; Rickey Hughes 71.20; Jo Babij 73.15; Karen Barnett 73.15; Miriam Paris 74.04; Suzanne Peters 74.05; Clare Richards 74.53; Paul Turner 74.53 and Sally Turner 91.36.

The second running of the Newent Nine saw a good number of FODAC runners taking part.  First of these to finish was Richard Powles, 14th in 40.05.  Mick Strange won the MV60 category in 40.28.  Other results: Wayne Bevan 40.17; Cherry Fowler 42.52; Andrew Kaye 44.30; Michael Bryant 44.52; Anna Bevan 49.13; John Russell 49.23; Annie Kirk 52.10; Peter Hewitt 52.48; Donna Sheen 52.48; Chloe Powles 53.53; Jane Creed 54.03; Vicky Sims 54.42; Karen Haile 54.49; Angela Bowkett 55.44; Karen Marshall 58.57 and Andrew Knott 62.08.


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