Forest of Dean Spring Half – 20th March

This annual event is organised by The Rotary Club of the Royal Forest of Dean and supported by the Forestry Commission. Proceeds are used to support charities, both locally and nationally.  The course begins at Speech House and then follows the trails in a clockwise direction through the Forest of Dean to return to the finish at Speech House.  The largest number of Forest of Dean AC runners for some time, and possibly ever, took part this year.

Support is always good , but this year there seemed to be even more people than usual, with many popping up in several places around the course. Conditions were almost perfect for distance running: dry under foot, cloudy, cool and very little wind.  The club’s runners were rewarded with many pbs and a number of prizes.

John Russell, John Hamilton and Richard Pegler were first affiliated men’s team, and Cherry Fowler, Helen Lipscomb and Sherryl Hall were first ladies team.  Cherry also received the trophy for first local lady finisher.  Michael Strange received the FODDC cup for first local resident male finisher over 60, and Jacqui Wynds the female equivalent.  Michael was also 2nd M60 overall with Chris Moore 3rd.  5 men and 3 ladies also received tee-shirts for finishing in the top 50.

FODAC Results.

John Russell 1:22:05,  John Hamilton 1:22:25,  Richard Pegler 1:24:09 , Dan Sandford 1:24:49, Hubert Ashley Towell 1:28:36, Andrew Kaye 1:32:21, Julian Boon 1:28:41, Frank Williams 1:33:31, Andrew Thorpe 1:33:54, Cherry Fowler 1:35:38, Michael Strange 1:36:00, Robert Freeman 1:36:54, Helen Lipscomb 1:39:29, Chris Moore 1:39:32, Jeff Hall 1:41:01, Greg Nash 1:41:15, Brian Francis 1:42:05, Rob Lester 1:41:52, Matthew Squire 1:43:26, Sherryl Hall 1:45:02, Fiona Turner 1:44:59, Patrick Rennison 1:45:28,  Michael Marks 1:47:24, Melinda Ruck 1:49:56, Daren smith 1:49:56,  Valerie Hamilton 1:52:18, Andy Breeze 1:52:26, Claire Manfield 1:52:55 , Victoria Logan 1:53:07,  Alan Robertson 1:53:27, Kate Burke 1:54:11, Stefanie Francis 1:54:13, David Thomas 1:54:25   , Daniel Cobley 1:55:46  , Richard Dennant 1:56:41, Darren Creed 1:57:34, Andy Morgan 1:57:48, David Jenkins 1:58:21, Anne Kirk 1:58:25, Roy King 1:58:24, Rachel Nash 1:58:46, Peter Short 1:58:33, Neville Turner 2:00:35,  Simon Harding 2:01:38, Margaret Powles 2:00:43, Nicola Hall 2:03:43, Jacqui Wynds 2:04:38, Claire Morgan 2:05:37, Karen Barnett 2:05:25, Deborah White 2:34:59,  SallyAnn Taylor 2:40:36,  Miriam Paris 2:41:37,  Sue Dowle 2:41:37

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