Resolution Run for the Stroke Association

This 15k run at Blaise Castle, Bristol set a longer-distance challenge for Wendy Lawrence and Eva GoodheadAngela Sonn took part in the 5k race.  Wendy says “Eva, Angela and me ran the Blaise Castle race today (a nice technical running vest was included in the entry fee of £15).   Angela did the 5k course, but Eva and I decided to challenge ourselves and do 3 laps – 15k.  A bit slippy going uphill through the wood, but it was dry and mild.  A free massage as well as a medal and banana at the finish.  We were surprised at the very low turnout, but I think this is a new run for the Stroke Association.  In spite of a slow run, we were not last.  Free parking next to the race start, very easy place to get to.  Nice to do a longer distance which is not quite as far as doing a half marathon.”

Blaise Castle

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