Wye Valley Marathon

Jools Wye Marathon2:09 Events race starts at Bracelands Adventure Centre with an opening 9km loop through the forest with a number of climbs before a long descent to the River Wye.  At the river the race turns towards Symonds Yat and with a steep climb up the valley side before returning to the start.  It then descends once again to the River Wye but this time turns towards Monmouth and follows approx 15km of flat tow path and road surface before the sting-in-the-tail: a long climb  away from the river to the finish at Bracelands.  Julian Boon completed the course in 3:40:44: 3o minutes quicker than last year, and was 10th out of 91 starters.  Liz Usedon ran the half marathon over the early part of the marathon course, finishing in 2:14:18, 38th out of 67 finishers and 9th female.

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