Annual General Meeting 2015

The Forest Of Dean A C held their AGM at the Rising Sun, Moseley Green. It was well attended and the meeting saw a number of changes. Chris Hawkins stepped down as Chairman: the members and committee thanked him for all his hard work. The post has now be taken on by former Head Coach, Pete Compton with a new Vice Chairman, Richard Pegler.

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Peter Compton

The club has grown extensively over the last year and Membership Secretary, Chris Moore reported that there were now over 400 members with both Juniors and Seniors. The club has become more proactive taking part in more events and forming competitive teams for track and field and cross country. As well as encouraging and coaching athletes from 5K to full marathons as has been shown by the number of members who have already competed successfully this season.

Pete Compton has also been heading up the 0-5K programme and recently started the first one in Coleford, the initial group completed their first parkrun on Saturday 9th.

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