Senior’s Presentation Evening

The 2013 Presentation Evening was held at the new Inn, Viney Hill where the senior prizewinners for 2013 received their awards.  The event was organised by Sharla Fleet and the 50 or so members who attended all had a great time.

Jacqui Wynds retained her 2012 title of Women’s Champion, followed by Claire Morgan and Stefanie FrancisJulian Boon also retained his 2012 Men’s Title, but this year shared the honour with Leyton FleetRichard Peglar was second and Alan Robertson third.  Chris Moore received the trophy for “Member of the Year”.  Shirley Albrow and Pete Woodward received momentoes for their victories in the Carol Jones Cup and the Yorkley Dash respectively.  The club places in the Virgin London Marathon 2014 went to Alan Robertson and Andy George.

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