Gwent League Cross-country: Race 3

This was held at Blaise Castle, Bristol and there were some extremely good results for the club.  FODAC fielded 24 runners and the ladies team arguably outperformed the men.  Three of the men, Julian Boon, Scott Berry and Gavin Robertson did the “double”: taking part in the Dursley Dozen in the morning as a warm-up, before racing in the XC in the afternoon.

In the Senior Women’s race, Ann Nixon was in good form, finishing 25th in 24:44.  Ann is 4th in the Senior Ladies Championship and leads the FV55 age group. The team were first in their division on the day and have moved up to 3rd overall with a good chance of making 2nd in the final race.

Blaise Castle Ladies Team

Other times: Sherryl Hall 26:48; Carmen Rodriguez 28:01; Sue Shergold 29:44; Val Hamilton 30:54; Stef Francis 31:30; Margaret Powles 32:11; Jackie Green 32:28; Claire Morgan 35:08 and Karen Barnett 35:21.

The Senior Mens’ race saw the FODAC runners taking an even more relaxed approach than usual.  More than half of the team hadn’t lined up, or weren’t even at the start, when the gun went off.  This didn’t seem to affect their performance however. Chris Penny was first FODAC finisher: 66th in 39:11.  The men were 2nd in their division on the day, behind the Micky Morris Running Machine (sorry: team) and lie a comfortable second in the division, leading Bristol University by nearly 1000 points.  Other results: John Russell 41:22; James Dobbing 42:01; Leyton Fleet 42:10; Dave Lowthian 42:24; Daren Smith 44:36; Richard Powles 44:39; Julian Boon 47:40; Scott Berry 49:23; Chris Moore 51:22; Gavin Robertson 52:39;  Neville Turner 53:23 and Roy King 55:41.

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