Dorset Coastal Marathon

This race is part of the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series, which also includes the one in the Gower which Leyton Fleet and Richard Peglar completed a month ago.  This one is described as “The Jurassic Coast Path through Dorset is quite simply unique. This is the only location on the planet where in a few short hours of trail running you will travel through a few million years of earth time – all with the ocean as a glorious backdrop. Oh yes, and those years are represented in hills.”   This race covers 27.3 miles with 4910 feet of climbing, and is described as “extreme”, compared to merely “strenuous” for the Gower.

Club member Simon Dimmer took part, finishing 42nd overall, and 1st MV50, out of 152 in 5:29:21.  The winner Manol Dimitrov completed in 4:01:17.  Simon has a place in next year’s Marathon des Sables.

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